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Kris and Chile

KRIS (my wife!)

In this picture from 2002, Kris is involved in one of our favorite seasonal New Mexican activities: peeling and bagging green chile. We usually do about 1 or 2 sacks (used to be 2 or 3) of the mild variety and have a freezer full of chile for the winter.

The second photo (right) shows the peeled chile from 2008.

Kris' best recipe is green chile chicken stew - she is the master at it. Mine is chicken enchiladas with green chile sauce. But mostly we put our chile in tuna sandwiches or in a tortilla with vegies, beans, and cheese (or anything else!). Not bad for a California girl (her) and a Manhattan brat (me)!

Kris and Chile 2008

What we truly love to do is dance together!

Turtle-Bear and Kris dancing

Kris and I met over 20 years ago while country western dancing. She was the best dancer on the floor! When she came over to me and asked me to dance for the first time, I turned her down (I was intimidated). Later that evening, after getting up the necessary courage (and enough elbowing from a friend), I went over to her table and asked her to dance - she accepted graciously. After that night she and I and other women would go out together (or meet up at the bar) and exchange dance partners all evening. I remember that one night was particularly different for me: it was the night my cheek gently pressed against Kris' and I knew there was love! Two nondrinking, nonsmoking gals CAN end up meeting each other in a bar!

little Kris portrait

Kris is still my dancing queen, in fact, she is the "Queen of Danceland." She has expanded her dancing interests (after my introduction) to include square dancing and square dance calling. Recently she has become a contra dance caller.

Kris has won recognition for her contributions as a square dance caller, teacher, dancer and club member.

Kris as Caller
Kris calling for the Eugene Rainbow Wranglers
Camp In II weekend, 2001

Kris and her NeXT Computer, c.1998

Kris at Computer 1
Kris at Computer 2

Kris at her Apple Macintosh Computer, 2007

Kris at Computer 3

We got married in Seattle in 2013!

Kris and I married