Star Ranch Thanksgiving 2002 : Table of Contents
Chopping Good Morning Yes, It's Early Morning Turkey in the Oven Giblets and Vegies Turtle-Bear & Turkey
A Little Rest Turtle-Bear At Her Pismo Kris At Her TiBook Basting Kurt Setting the Table
Kurt Again Kris Speaks Joan Preps Finger Food Lorna & More Finger Food Marjorie Visits Grandma
Are the Potatoes Done? Kurt Setting Out the Food Mark Sr. & Grandma Adams Kurt Pours A Little Bubbly?
Everyone to the Table After Dinner Sillyness After Dinner Games Mexican Train 1 Mexican Train 2
Buff in Mexico 1 Buff in Mexico 2 Mexican Train 3 A Little TV Viewing Joan's Geode
Pfeffernut Day Stirring It Up! Dough Gets Thicker Tickles the Fat Dog Ross Stirs
And Ross Stirs Some More Time To Mix With Hands Yet More Flour! Holding the Pot Down Sticky Mess
Kurt Gets Into the Dough Is It Ready Yet? Grandma Has A Look-See Lorna Scrapes the Pot Turtle-Bear Kneads
Kris Reads Directions The Pfeffenut Standard Rolling the Dough Lorna Shows the Technique Joan Lines Them Up
Kurt Rolls Them Too Piles Building Our Final Product

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