These are the turtles who lived in our rock garden.

Turtle Photo 3
Turtle Photo 1 Turtle Photo 2

This little guy has came to us in the spring of 2001 and seemed to have enjoyed his home. Above you can see him in his (then) new swimming pool.

He was a male Box Turtle who had recovered nicely from an accident that had cracked his upper shell. He was also missing some toes on his right forefoot.

Wow! More turtles!

Big Mo and Middle Mo
Big Mo (top) & Middle Mo
Turtle and Little Mo
Turtle & Little Mo

These guys came to us through different ways. I called them Big Mo, Middle Mo and Little Mo. Little Mo I found in our back yard. It had tooth marks on top and bottom (from one of our dogs at the time) that I packed with antibiotic ointment. Middle Mo came from a neighbor. Big Mo was found wandering past our driveway by one of the neighbor's daughters.