Malbull is my first WOW alt. He resides on Shadow Council.

In his 40's, Malbull is in his prime of life as a Tauren Warrior. Usually a loner, he will go to the rescue of anyone in distress, Horde or Alliance. He was once a member of the guild Voodoo Reborn. When the guild dissolved, Malbull went into mourning. He threatened to put on white robes and lecture to young Tauren on Thunder Bluff against joining factions. Malbull has a slight love interest in Kirsa, a fine Tauren Shaman. They attended the Shadow Council Spring Festival together in 2005.

Malbull is a miner (spending many days alone in the hills) and blacksmith. He is also skilled in first aid.

Malbull is in semi-retirement at this time.

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